Powerful natural insecticide APiChi

If you like spicy food, you may be tempted to try this powerful natural insecticide. No joke, use it on your plants and you will see how it eliminates all pests.

This powerful natural and homemade insecticide is very widespread in popular culture and is known by the name of APiChi, that is, the mixture of Garlic, Pepper and Chile, and its effectiveness will vary as long as we choose the hottest Chiles available. can.

On this occasion I used dehydrated chila/chili which may be less effective, I hope you have something more powerful on hand, it works anyway but the less spicy it is, the less effective it will be. During the video I share all the preparations, doses and several other tips but I also share them here:

Powerful insecticide I - APiChi water-based:

1 head of garlic (50 grams)
30 peppercorns
50 grams of chili/chili/pepper as hot as possible or 10 grams dehydrated (you can increase the amount)
1 liter of discolored water
1 cap of liquid detergent

Dilution: If it is applied immediately, there is no need to dilute it and its effectiveness is less. If we let it macerate for 1 day, its effectiveness will increase and based on how spicy it was, you can dilute it from 10% to 50%. You will have to calculate that by eye. .

Storage recommended: up to 1 month and in a cool, dark place

Application: 5 to 7 days when we achieve an adequate dilution or more frequently in low doses.

ideal time to apply it: At sunset

Powerful Insecticide II - APiChi Alcoholic Extract:

Half a head of garlic (25 grams)
15 peppercorns
25 grams of chili/chili/pepper as spicy as you can or 5 grams dehydrated (you can increase the amount)
500 cm3 of 96% ethyl alcohol

Dilution: Again, it is up to you to calculate the dose but to start you can try 5 milliliters for each liter of water and increase if you do not notice results.

Storage Recommended: can last 6 months without problems

Application: 5 to 7 days when we achieve an adequate dilution or more frequently in low doses.

ideal time to apply it: At sunset

Another important issue and as I mention in the video is the importance of learning to observe nature and apply this insecticide and repellent only when the biological controllers are not present in our garden since they feed on all the beings that are affected by the APiChi, so in case you didn't reach the end of the video, that is one of the main messages and I like the idea that someone who came looking for a natural insecticide leaves with a nice question and desire to learn more about the nature that surrounds them.

IMPORTANT: I emphasize it again, these natural preparations will depend on the raw materials used, there is no guarantee that it will work the first time but if they adjust the recipe they will be able to achieve the expected results and sustain them over time, with natural insecticides there are no answers and Immediate results, but like everything, you have to persist until you achieve your goals.


With information of: https://www.youtube.com/@PermaculturaHolisticaOficial