The solution to get rid of ants

There are natural remedies to get rid of ants, but you should not only pay attention to the recipe... but it is key to prepare it well, apply it at the right time and other strategies that we tell you in this video.

We will need broken rice, the cheapest. If you can't, you can grind conventional rice a little. It is important that it is not that rice that "does not pass or stick."

The next step will be to locate the ants, their path and preferably their nest. The ideal time to do it is in the afternoon.

The starch in the rice is what attracts them. Thus the ants take each grain to the anthill. As rice has moisture-absorbing properties, once in the anthill, it is able to extract it and eliminate the ideal growth conditions of the fungus on which the ants feed.

Many ants die due to lack of food and others move away from the area.

In any case, we have to assume that in a garden we will always be dealing season after season with these insects because there are millions of them on the planet. It would be naive to think that by eliminating an anthill we will never see them again.

Relationship between the amount of rice and the size of the anthill

It is necessary to maintain a relationship between the amount of rice needed for it to take effect and the size of the anthill. If we add little rice, it will not have the ability to extract that moisture on which the fungus that the ants feed on lives.

A side effect is that this already moistened rice ferments at the same time and generates other fungi that compete with the fungus that the ants feed on.

We will have to be careful when we apply the rice, that it does not get wet, otherwise the ants will not take it. And there's no point in spreading some around, that will just distract them a little.

How to prepare rice

In a plastic bottle we will place 2kg of rice and with a thick rod or wire we will make a support as you see in the video.

We will nail the iron with the bottle close to the anthill when we discover it. The bottle should be tilted and abutting against the pile of rice. Thus, as the ants carry away the grains, dry rice continues to descend.

When the rice runs out, we must replace it if we continue to see ants. We must monitor this trap at least every two days.

We are not dealing with a poison, it is an ecological process to eliminate ants, so we must be sure to apply rice until we no longer see them closer to our garden.

Another tip is not to touch the rice with our hands as much as possible so as not to impregnate it with human odor, an issue that would put them on alert.

This trap will also work for red ants if they are bothering your compost bin or worm farm.

Enhance rice to kill ants

kill the ants

One way to increase the effectiveness of rice in killing ants is to enhance it with copper sulfate or the penicillium that grows in the peels of citrus fruits.

One of the great secrets of organic gardeners to get rid of ants without using poisons is to use something as simple as a “rotten” orange.

That dust that develops on the white-greenish or blue-gray peel of citrus fruits is a fungus called Penicillium.

The Penicillium will phagocytize the fungus that the ants produce in the anthill to feed on. Without food, the ants will have to leave the anthill to avoid dying of hunger and will go somewhere else.

The powder is mixed with grains of rice, the cheapest, and placed in small piles in the path of the ants, taking care that it does not get wet from dew, irrigation or rain. The ants will take away the “contaminated” rice that will take effect in the anthill. In a few days, they will leave the place.

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