Dare to build a Bird Hotel

We made this creative 5-star Bird Hotel. In this video, we share with you the beautiful experience we had one afternoon, while we were building it for our winged friends, in our garden.

It is an improved feeder, with feeding and drinking areas, places to shelter and climb. Deluxe! We also take advantage of and recycle some things that we had unused.

Remember to change the water and make sure it is fresh every day. Surely the ideal place for this hotel is in the shade so that it does not evaporate, nor does it get hot in the summer months.

They can research the bird species in their area, their diet and offer them what they like the most. In this case we tried corn and other grains.

At the end, we welcomed our feathered friends to their new home, with great joy!!!

It is worth trying to set up a corner like this in our garden, terrace or balcony, especially in cities. The birds will appreciate this refuge.

In addition, the Bird Hotel is a beautiful activity to share with the family and let creativity "fly".

If you liked this idea, also try making a insect hotel.


With information of: I am NOW! - Youtube