Documentary: The Soil Lives

The Soil Lives: "It only gives continuity to life, life itself. We are connected to the ground, the ground is not a place of anchorage, the ground is the origin of life that is different, it is our solid navel that came out of the sea."

This is how Jairo Restrepo begins telling this documentary that premiered on January 29 in Uruguay called The Soil Lives and that deals with the soil as a living organism.

The most intelligent species on the planet destroys life forms before knowing them. However, there are those who seek to reverse the situation. How much poisoned space to regenerate and how to start doing it? Will it be possible?

El Suelo Vive brings together moments captured from the El Recoveco Experimental Station during a meeting of peasants and farmers who act on the problem of loss of fertility of our soils in the face of the advance of industrial agriculture and its pollution.

Premiere of the Documentary El Suelo Vive

Incógnita Multimedia Documentary Premiere: January 29 Uruguay.
Protagonist Jairo Restrepo together with the community of the Experimental Station "El Recoveco" with photography direction by Kahel Guerra, editing and direction by Richie Machado and production assistance by Mauricio Montañez in an Incógnita Multimedia production.

With information of: Multimedia Incognito