8 ways to use eggshells

After watching this video you will learn 8 ways to use eggshells in the garden, and for your health.

Hello family! Today I bring you a new topic that will surely arouse a lot of interest and you will probably ask me to delve into its uses to improve health.

As the title says, there are 8 uses and there are more, the idea arose from my need to replace the laying eggs and in the process I added value with several more uses, now... you will surely ask me how my great aunt used to consume them , basically he added them to his meals or preparations without further ado, but if you are interested I will develop this topic later in other videos.

Now, as always, thank you very much and I send you a hug, below is the index and some recommended videos, greetings!

How to use eggshells

Index: 0:00
Introduction 1:01
Laying eggs to increase egg production 2:11
Nutritional supplement for chickens and animals in general 3:00
Consumption of eggshells in humans and health benefits 4:10
Use as fertilizer for tomatoes and garden in general 5:22
Add eggshells to compost 5:58
Mulch the soil with eggshells 6:43
Add to the substrate or potting soil 8:00
repellent for slugs and snails


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