Do you want to travel more sustainably? 4 places to go

The rise in temperatures this past summer cannot go unnoticed. It is increasingly clear that we need to change many of our habits if we want to reverse global warming before it is too late, and we need to see those changes as soon as possible in our daily lives.

We can also reduce our carbon footprint when traveling. Some tourist destinations involve much higher CO₂ emissions, especially if they involve long plane trips. The environment needs us to listen to it, and that is why it is much more advisable to opt for national destinations and eco-tourism to relax on our vacations.

Remember that, even if you travel within Spain, you should take precautionary measures in hotels and in unknown places, as well as digital security measures how to know if a page is secure before making your reservations online. More and more hacks are taking place online, so make sure you prevent them when preparing your vacation!

1. Rural hotels

Possibly the most ecological option to enjoy your vacation is rural hotels. These hotels meet all the necessary requirements to offer you a fully sustainable vacation, from their proximity – many are just a few hours away – to the lifestyle that you can enjoy in them.

Rural hotels are increasingly aware of climate needs, so many of them already incorporate photovoltaic systems to obtain clean energy in their facilities. In addition, the food they will offer you will almost always be from kilometer zero, and, in some cases, they will grow it themselves. And all this in the heart of the mountains and forests!

2. Spanish capitals

If you are looking for a somewhat more cosmopolitan destination, you don't need to get on a plane to New York or Singapore. CO₂ emissions These long trips are very harmful to the environment, and are certainly unnecessary if what you want is simply to get a change of scenery, stroll through other streets and do some shopping.

Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Valencia or Seville are vibrant cities full of shopping areas, cultural centers, bars, clubs, restaurants, and, in short, everything you can expect from a cosmopolitan city. In addition, you can travel to all of them on the AVE.

You'll save more, rest better, and have a great time!

3. Mérida, Segovia, Cartagena, Tarragona

Are you more interested in cultural tourism and are you looking for a destination full of history? Spain has some of the most interesting historical destinations in Europe. There's a reason we attract so many international tourists! Barcelona itself has impressive Roman ruins in the heart of the Ciutat Vella, and you can find similar destinations throughout the peninsula.

The Roman ruins of Mérida are possibly the most impressive in the entire country, and you can also visit other impressive enclaves such as the Segovia aqueduct, the Roman theater of Tarragona, or the ruins of Cartagena. If we add to this the medieval neighborhoods of many cities, the list would practically never end!

4. The Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca

Ultimately, you may just want to relax on the beach and get away from it all for a few days. Not everyone has the energy to go from museum to museum, and sometimes we just want to get our feet wet on the seashore. But it is not necessary to go to Thailand or the Caribbean for this, when Spain is one of the best sun and beach destinations!

The Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands have some of the best beaches in the world at your disposal, but, if you really want reduce your carbon footprint, it is better that you avoid the plane and opt for closer places like the Costa del Sol or the Costa Blanca. Your savings will translate into fewer emissions and, in addition, you will be able to travel with your pets!

To these destinations we can add many others such as the Camino de Santiago, Lisbon, Porto, and even the Cíes Islands. There is a lot to discover in our neighborhood, and, most importantly, all of these destinations allow you to travel sustainably and considerably reducing your CO₂ emissions. The environment will thank you.