The best electricity rates with green energy

Choosing an electricity rate is a decision that can help the environment. The electricity we consume can come from renewable energy sources such as wind or solar energy or from fossil fuels such as gas or coal. In fact, due to dependence on the latter, electricity prices skyrocketed as soon as gas from Russia stopped flowing as before the war with Ukraine.

Another consequence of this war has been that European countries have proposed reducing this dependence and investing in renewable energy. Proof of this is Spain, in which currently more than half of the electricity generated comes from these energy sources, according to data from Red Eléctrica de España. To help companies continue betting on green energy, you can choose to contract electricity rates that exclusively use electricity from renewable sources.

How do you know if a company uses renewable energy?

There are many companies that announce that the electricity they supply comes from renewable producers. However, to be completely certain that this is the case, you can ask certificates of guarantee of origin. This electronic accreditation certifies the number of megawatt-hours of electricity that a plant produces in a specific period of time and that have been generated from renewable energy sources. The entity that issues this accreditation is the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC).

Customers can ask energy marketers to show them these digital certificates to confirm the origin of the energy they consume. Thus, we can distinguish companies with a firm environmental commitment from those that do not.

Companies that use green energy

Of all the companies that use green energy, we wanted to highlight those that have the best electricity rates and prices today:

Total Energy

TotalEnergies is one of the most widespread companies in Spain. In addition to offering very competitive electricity rates, it also gives advice to have more efficient consumption, innovative and environmentally friendly.

Among its rates stands out the Plan Your Air Light. With this plan, a fixed price will be maintained for the energy term, that is, for the energy consumed throughout the day. This price is €0,108982/kWh. The value will not change throughout the year. The power is €0,136685/kW per day.

Another of its rates is the rate Schedule your savings, in which the day is divided into three time sections, each with its own value. In the valley section, the price is €0,087282/kWh, the flat section is €0,105066/kWh and in the peak section the price is €0,149637/kWh. The power, divided into two sections, costs €0,068346/kW/day in the peak period and €0,068329/KW/day in the off-peak period.

However, if you don't mind giving up the peace of mind of being able to accurately estimate how much you are going to pay at the end of the month to make even better use of the energy generated from renewable sources, one option is to hire the Plan Now, indexed to the market. With this plan, the price at which electricity is sold in the wholesale market will be used, where in recent times prices close to €0 have been found thanks, among others, to the extraordinary production of wind energy. This rate has additional management costs of €6,05/month. Power costs €0,073831/kW/day in the peak section and €0,006919/kW/day in the valley.

Any of these three rates will enjoy one month of free electricity and a 50% discount on the FACILITA maintenance service during the first year.

Hello, Luz

Holaluz is a company that is firmly committed to renewable energies, especially solar energy. Therefore, proudly display its 100% renewable origin guarantee certificates.

This company offers a single electricity rate with a fixed price for one year. However, the price cannot be known until interested parties contact them. Holaluz conducts a study of previous household consumption and launches a customized offer for each case. After the year, the marketer will study again how much the client has consumed to review the offer and keep it the same, raise the price or even lower it if the estimates were higher. In this case, they will also return any money that was overcharged.


Telephone companies are entering the energy sector little by little. One of the last to do so has been Pepephone through its subsidiary Pepeenergy, which also has certificates of guarantee of origin of the energy it supplies.

One of their rates has a fixed price for 6 months which is currently at €0,1680/kWh. The power is paid at €0,07053/kW/day in the peak section and €0,00269/kW/day in the off-peak section. In addition, a monthly fee of €4 is charged.

The other rate is indexed to the market and maintains both the price of the power and the monthly fee of the fixed price rate. This monthly fee, however, can be deducted if Telephone service is also contracted with Pepephone. In addition, the €4 discount will also be reflected on the telephone bill.


Gesternova is a company created exclusively to take advantage of energy from renewable sources. In fact, they go one step further thanks to the EKOenergy label, with which they mark certain electricity supplies. Part of the funds raised from the sale of EKOenergía are destined for environmental projects worldwide, such as the restoration of ecosystems or the installation of renewable sources in developing countries. Their rates include:

The fare EKOenergy hours, which is the classic rate with three time slots. The price of energy in each section is €0,117264/kWh in the valley section, €0,149806/kWh in the flat section and €0,207929/kWh in the peak section. The price of power is of €0,010844/kW/day in the valley section and €0,077573/kW/day in the peak section. Prices will be maintained for 12 months from when the contract is activated.

The Easy EKOenergía rate, on the other hand, has a fixed price for electricity: €0,147859/kWh, with a power of €0,011445/kW/day in the off-peak period and €0,078174/kW/day in the peak period.

Regarding rates indexed to the market, the following stand out:

  • la EKOenergy Market rate, which has an electricity term that varies according to the price of energy each hour plus €0,01117/kWh of management costs. The power is the same as in the EKOenergía Hours rate.
  • la Mercado Plus EKOenergy rate It has the same price for electricity, but the power is divided into up to 6 time sections depending on the time of year.


Iberdrola is another of the best-known companies in Spain, especially for its sports sponsorships and commitment to sustainable energy. That's why they created the Green Stable Plan, with which customers will enjoy a fixed monthly price consuming 100% green energy. The price of this energy is €0,140598/kWh 24 hours a day. Power, for its part, costs €0,11525/kW per day in the peak section and €0,0374/kW per day in the off-peak period. These prices will be maintained for 5 years.

Fenie Energy

This small company is the result of the union of more than 1300 installation companies, forming the National Federation of Installation, Telecommunications and Air Conditioning Companies of Spain. From the beginning, his strategy was to lead the energy transition from below, together with professionals in the sector.

The rates stand out Megawatt 2.0TD Energy, with time discrimination, and the rate Megawatt 2.0TD Uniprice, with fixed price. In the first offer, the price of energy is €0,076376/kWh in the valley section, €0,102137/kWh in the flat section and €0,164303/kWh in the peak section, with a power of €0,026099. /kW day in the valley section and €0,109339/kW/day in the peak section.

The fixed price offer establishes electricity at €0,149604/kWh and power at €0,069566/kW/day in the off-peak section and €0,002654/kW/day in the peak section.

Which green energy tariff should you choose?

Although each person can evaluate different aspects, once the 100% renewable origin of energy can be certified, it is inevitable to look at the price and household consumption patterns. A family that cannot afford to decide what time to put on the washing machine may prefer the peace of mind offered by fixed-price tariffs. On the contrary, people who have enough flexibility to be at home at any time can take advantage of the hours when electricity is cheaper with time-based rates.

To avoid getting confused with prices, it is very useful to make a comparison of electricity rates. Still, the best way to save money and help the environment is to consume efficiently.