He planted a tree every day for 37 years, the result is impressive

In 1979, a young man named Jadav Molai Payeng from the Indian city of Jorhat discovered that many reptiles had died on the bank of the Brahmaputra River due to lack of shade. The person felt sad about the death of the animals and decided to inform the official authorities about the issue. In response, they provided him with 20 seeds of bamboo for him to plant them.

After that, Golaghat district forest authorities implemented a plan to reforest a nearby area with 200 hectares of trees. Molai was one of the individuals who participated in this project, which was successfully completed five years later.

After completing the project, Molai made the decision to stay in the area and continue planting a tree each day on one of the sandy islands found in the Brahmaputra River.

After 37 years of planting a tree every day, Jadav Payeng, now 50 years old, has managed to create an impressive forest that is almost twice the size of Central Park in Manhattan (USA). It is surprising that this forest grew on sandy soil, something that is not normally conducive to forest growth. To honor Jadav, the forest has been named Molai, in reference to his nickname. His dedication and personal effort have left a notable legacy for environmental conservation.

The forest not only modified the local landscape by providing a shady shelter for animals and people, but also stopped the erosion process of the island caused by the flow of water in the sand and has created a true nature reserve that is home to tigers. , rhinos, elephants, other large and small animals, and several species of birds.

Jadav Padeng's amazing story has been recognized by Indian authorities and in 2013, a documentary titled "Forest Man" was released chronicling his life. This film chronicles Padeng's incredible work in developing and protecting forests.

An inspiring example of how humanity can create life instead of destroying it is the massive reforestation project that took place in Brazil.

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