This new battery recharges when submerged in water

An ecological battery, manufactured without the use of toxic substances or heavy metals and that works after submerging it in water for a few minutes, its name is AquaCell and it is now on sale.

“To activate the battery you just have to immerse it for five or ten minutes in water to make the positive and negative ions mix,” explained one of the three Swiss shareholders of the brand that distributes the battery, Olivier Chauffat.

This replacement alkaline battery is manufactured in polypropylene, a plastic with a recycling rate of 85% compared to 50% for conventional batteries, and is light (12-13 grams).

This environmentally friendly battery, unlike conventional batteries that start to lose power after leaving the factory, has no voltage and does not produce current until activated, so manufacturers export indicates that it can be stored indefinitely.

These batteries can be used in medium to low consumption devices such as radios, watches, walkie-talkies, LED flashlights or remote controls, where they have a useful life of about two years, slightly shorter than alkaline batteries.

Here we present a video of the battery that recharges in water