World Day of energy efficiency

On March 5, World Energy Efficiency Day is celebrated to reflect and raise awareness about the importance of energy efficiency for the benefit of humanity, because the continued waste of energy will cause irreparable consequences for humanity and the entire planet.

Origin of World Energy Efficiency Day

It all started in 1998 at the International Conference held in Austria, where it was decided to create a day that symbolizes for the whole world the importance of taking care of the energy necessary for life and its use in a conscious and responsible way.
At this meeting, they discussed developing strategies to expand energy diversification to other sources, such as renewable energy and reducing the use of fossil fuels.

What is energy efficiency?

It is important to have a clear understanding of this concept so that everyone can understand what we are talking about.

Energy efficiency has nothing to do with what many people imagine, which is giving up a comfortable life. It is quite the opposite.

The goal is to improve quality of life without compromising the resources and energy that are so essential in everyday life. In this sense, it is important to optimize energy as much as possible at the expense of other much more sustainable sources, such as renewable energy, applying recycling methods, using clean energy such as solar and wind, among others.

Our small contribution to the planet will make a difference

If we consciously and responsibly begin to improve our energy efficiency day by day, the planet will become a better place for everyone, no matter how small our grain of sand may be.

You can put these simple tips into practice and you will make a big difference:

  • Use energy-saving lights (LED), they consume less energy.
  • Don't leave the lights on if you are not using them.
  • Do not leave the cell phone charger plugged in.
  • If possible, wash and iron your clothes in one go, you will save more energy.
  • Turn off all unused devices: computers, televisions, etc.
  • Make the most of natural light in daily activities and avoid using too much artificial light.
  • Limit the use of our vehicles and choose other means of transportation.

How to celebrate World Energy Efficiency Day?

A good way to celebrate World Energy Efficiency Day is to start by changing our perception about the only home we can live in, which is none other than our wonderful Earth.

We must think that our future and that of those we love depends largely on how we take care of our resources today.

Fortunately, there are still ways to change the destiny of humanity, but it will depend on the changes we make today.

To celebrate such an important day, start by making your home a place that respects the environment, that is, reducing energy consumption to a minimum. Some measures you might consider include adjusting the thermostat for the hot water used for showering and saving energy by using fans more frequently instead of air conditioning.

There are many ways to save energy.
Dare to be part of the change today and our planet Earth will thank you!

In addition, we invite you to share your ideas and experiences on this interesting topic on various social networks using the hashtag #WorldEnergyEfficiencyDay #energyefficiency.

It is the set of actions that allow us to reduce or maintain the amount of energy consumed and increase the final products and services obtained. It can be understood as the appropriate use of energy, since it means saving without losing quality of life or quality of production. This video will help you understand the concept of Energy Efficiency.

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