A seed laboratory in the heart of the Amazon to restore the jungle

A seed laboratory has been established in the heart of the Amazon with the express goal of restoring the rainforest. This innovative project aims to preserve biodiversity and promote the restoration of degraded areas in the region.

The laboratory is strategically located to collect seeds of many native species. These seeds are carefully stored and sorted following strict conservation procedures to ensure their long-term viability.

Amazonia Emprende began investigating recovery processes in 2019, without expecting that four years later they would become a benchmark for technology and conservation in the country. Although they teach workshops at their school in Bosque, an hour's drive from Florence, the project that has aroused the most interest is the Amazon Native Seed Center.

There is nothing like it in the biome, although it played an important role in its reconstruction. This forest has been so degraded that it is beginning to reach the point of no return. According to scientists, if deforestation reaches 20%, they will lose their ability to regenerate. Currently, the Amazon share has reached 17%.

seed laboratory

Science and ancestral knowledge in this seed laboratory

This scientific and systematic approach is essential to minimize the devastating impacts of deforestation and climate change in the Amazon. Restoring forests is not an easy task, but it is necessary to protect the region's unique biodiversity and ensure the well-being of local communities who depend on the ecosystem services it provides.

Collaboration between scientists, institutions and local communities is essential for the success of this project. An integrated approach is needed, combining science with traditional knowledge of the indigenous peoples who have cared for the forests for centuries.

Currently, the Breeding Center has a collection of 61 species and monitors around 15.000 plants.
Its reproduction and germination only have a mortality rate of 5% of the seedlings planted later. The scale of this project will be possible thanks to the generous investment of IDB Labs. Another NGO, Acumen, is currently considering investing in this initiative.

Ultimately, this seed laboratory represents hope for preserving one of the richest and most important ecosystems on the planet. Their tireless work reminds us of the importance of protecting and restoring the natural environment for future generations.


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