Why do dogs cry at night?

Pet care experts have revealed the real reason why dogs sometimes cry at night.

Crying in dogs can have many different causes and it is important to understand them in order to properly address this behavior.

According to experts, dogs cry as a form of communication that allows them to express many different emotions, needs and desires.

Canine ethologist Sylvia Mallofre from Animal Expert what can cause dogs to cry at night. One of the most common causes of a dog crying is separation anxiety. When dogs feel alone or abandoned, they may express their discomfort by howling in an attempt to attract their owner's attention or find comfort.

Dogs cry for various reasons

Additionally, dogs may also howl in response to external stimuli such as sirens, loud music, or strange sounds to warn or communicate with other dogs.

In this sense, it should be noted that dogs like to share their activities and seek contact with other animals or their owners, for example when they go to sleep. When he wants company, he can do so by complaining.

With this in mind, some people choose to invite their pets to sleep with them, while others who don't like the idea prefer to leave them near the bed to prevent their dog from crying at night.

According to the expert, another cause is that the dog is experiencing the stress that may be happening to it, especially if it is a new pet. “That takes time. There what we will have to do is observe him, accompany him and try to relax him in the moment. Before night we can promote relaxing activities such as chewing"

Likewise, loud noises like fireworks can awaken fears they have never felt before and make them cry.

Finally, the ethologist points out that another important factor why dogs cry could be cognitive dysfunction syndrome, "which is a gradual loss of the dog's cognitive abilities and occurs at a more advanced stage".

As you see, there are many reasons to understand the comportamiento of your pet. If you can't hit the right button, consult a specialized veterinarian.


With information of: https://www.youtube.com/@ExpertoAnimal