International Cat Day

International Cat Day is celebrated on February 20, although this is not the only day of the year dedicated to these charming animals, which we tell you about in this article. In fact, cats are the only animals that celebrate three holidays a year.

We owe the origin of this International Cat Day, today February 20, to an influential cat called Sox. That was the cat of then-US President Bill Clinton. Since 1993, the cat lived in the presidential suite of Casablanca and was present at all presidential public events, becoming very famous in the United States and around the world.

Unfortunately, Sox was diagnosed with cancer and on February 20, 2009, his owner decided to euthanize him. When Sox passed away, that date was set for the annual celebration of International Cat Day to pay tribute to these animals and promote a responsible adoption campaign for homeless felines.

International Cat Day
Sox, the White House cat

Cats also celebrate their holidays on August 8 and October 29

February 20 is not the only day when people celebrate these beautiful and hypnotic animals. August 8 is also Cat Day because it falls during the period of maximum fertility in the northern hemisphere. In this case it was the International Fund for Animal Welfare that placed this date on the calendar.

And if that were not enough, October 29 is National Cat Day in the US, suggested by Colleen Page, an expert in feline behavior who wants to raise awareness about the number of cats abandoned on the streets in the fall.

No matter what day International Cat Day is, the truth is that although cats are famous for being elusive, it is difficult to resist their natural appeal, whether for their calm, their playfulness or their temperament and enviable independence.

Why do we like cats so much?

It is still not known for sure why cats cause this sensation. Videos about kittens on the Internet have millions of views. They are the main characters of many funny memes. Some of these cats have become world stars and have even been guests on television shows.

And we will never get tired of looking at photos and videos of kittens, it is fascinating but why are we so attracted to them?
Some psychologists say that watching cat movies helps us feel better, makes us optimistic, and gives us energy.

In addition, cats are very curious and create very funny scenes. They handle the camera well thanks to their composure, not to mention their natural beauty, posture and gestures.

However, we can enjoy famous cats like Grumpy Cat, the grumpiest cat on the Internet, Lil Bub with the tongue always out, Hamilton, the most hipster cat with its striking white mustache, or Venus, the cat with two faces, one for each color.

International Cat Day

How to celebrate International Cat Day

If you have a cat the best thing you can do is have a good time with him, play with what you like the most, give him treats or simply pet him where he likes most.

If you don't have a cat and want one, you can learn about the available breeds, although it would be better if you adopted a kitten that needs a family. You can also think about a donation to the shelters that take care of these animals.

If you love cats but don't intend to have one at home, you can also watch all kinds of cat videos on YouTube.

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