How to make a homemade bird bath

Setting up a homemade birdbath is a wonderful way to attract birds to your yard and provide them with a supply of fresh water, especially if you live in the city.

The amount of water city birds drink can vary depending on several factors, such as the species of bird, ambient temperature, water availability, and the amount of physical activity they engage in. In general, birds need to drink water regularly to stay hydrated, especially during hot days or when the food they eat is dry.

Bird baths, specially designed to provide clean, fresh water, can attract more birds to your garden or urban area. On average, a small bird can drink around 10-20 ml of water per day, but this can vary significantly. It is important to provide fresh, clean water regularly to keep birds healthy.

Here I give you some simple steps to assemble a homemade water fountain:

  1. Choose the right container: You can use a variety of containers to make a birdbath. They can range from shallow dishes to more elaborate containers. The key is to make sure it is large enough for the birds to bathe and drink, but not so deep that they are in danger of drowning.
  2. Add stones or pebbles: Place some stones or pebbles In the container. This will provide footholds for birds to stand on while drinking or bathing, and will also prevent small birds from accidentally drowning.
  3. Add clean water: Fill the container with clean, fresh water. Be sure to change the water regularly to prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.
  4. Place the homemade waterer in a safe place: Locate the waterer in a place where the birds feel safe and protected, preferably near bushes or trees so they can escape quickly if they feel threatened.
  5. regular maintenance: Be sure to clean and refill the waterer regularly to keep it fresh and attractive to birds.

Ideas for a homemade bird bath

And that's it! With these simple steps, you will have a birdbath that will be an oasis for birds in your garden.

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