Take care of animals from fireworks in the New Year

New Year's Eve is a time of celebration and fun and a lot of fireworks are usually used, but you have to take care of the animals because many of them are really hurt by noise.

Animals have a different hearing capacity, they pick up ultrasonic sounds, inaudible frequencies or sounds that may be normal for humans, but for them these sounds are much louder and it is important to know what to do on these nights so that if we are in a place where pyrotechnics are used they are not affected by noise.

Next weekend will be New Year's and many people, despite warnings from experts, will decide to set off fireworks and bang bombs to celebrate the holiday.

However, animals suffer a lot from the noise of fireworks, so it is important to know what to do on the night of December 31 so that dogs and cats feel protected.

What effects do fireworks have on dogs?

There are several studies on dog hearing that show that they can hear thousands of times more than humans.

Their ability to perceive sounds is also different, as they can detect faint sounds at distances four to five times greater than humans.

The loud sound of the pyrotechnics activates the animal's anxiety mechanism, releasing adrenaline, causing increased heart rate, accelerated breathing, excitability, tremors, anxiety and even a feeling of disorientation.

When a real threat appears, such as noise, the evacuation mechanism is activated. That's why we see them restless, breathing heavily, salivating more than usual, moving around the house, trying to hide in unusual places, looking for ways to escape.

How to care for animals at parties?

Experts recommend taking preventive measures to help them cope with this situation as best as possible:

  • Keep your dog in a familiar place, with elements that cannot harm him, for example in a closed room without glass.
  • Play music at a moderate volume to dissipate noise.
  • Close windows and blinds to prevent outside noise from entering.
  • Do not leave it in the garden or patio. In addition to the risks involved, falling fireworks fragments can burn and damage them.
  • Stay calm to convey security.
  • Be especially careful around doors and entrances because if you get scared and try to escape, the situation could get worse.
  • Implement the method Tellington Ttouch

“Let's not use fireworks so that animals and the many people who suffer from them do not have to suffer.”
Share, spread, connect with your friends and ask them to celebrate with respect, hugs and peace! Happy Holidays!


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