The 5 animals with the longest memory

Some animals with longer memories, such as cats, can store information for as little as ten minutes.

Humans are one of the species with the best memory capacity. Our ability to remember distinguishes us from other animals.

However, although we can store information in the short and long term and retain it in our subconscious, sometimes we forget where we leave our house keys or the name of the street where we park our car.

For this reason, many scientific studies show that this ability is not exclusive to humans, as there are animals with memories similar to us, capable of remembering their loved ones for many years, even when they are not in contact with them. In fact, some species have better short-term memory than us (like cats), so we are not that different from them.

On the other hand, other animals process information differently than humans because they do not have episodic memory (which allows information to be retained) but rather associative memory. However, they can remember and internalize certain concepts and actions.

In addition, the brains of some animals are prepared to recognize important data from other species. Thanks to urine trails, an elephant can recognize the direction of another elephant's movement or its state of health, even if it is not part of its group.

Similarly, some species learn through observation. Cats learn this method by watching their mothers hunt, bathe, or feed. For this reason, it will quickly remember some of your actions such as opening kitchen cabinets or closing doors.

Other animals, like octopuses, have two memories instead of one. They are connected even if they are separated. They also have between 100 and 500 brain cells, making them one of the invertebrates with the best memory and intelligence. If you want to know which animal has the best memory or whether "fish memory" and "elephant memory" are myths or not, don't miss the following collection.

Ranking of the animals with the most memory

Fifth place for the octopus

animals with more memory

Octopuses are invertebrates with two memories: short-term and long-term.
The difference between octopuses and humans is that the memories of both species are interconnected. Therefore, in moments of survival, they can improve their long-term memory because it controls the speed of memory.

Sea lions rank fourth

animals with more memory

This animal has excellent gripping ability.
A study conducted at the University of California shows that the Rio fur seal can remember a game it learned a decade ago.
Ten years later, the animal was able to recognize numbers and letters, although it no longer played this game.

Chimpanzees are the third species with the longest memory

Chimpanzees have excellent photographic memories.
According to research conducted at Kyoto University, these animals can remember images even if they have only seen them for a few seconds.
Furthermore, their ability to retain information did not change even when the time spent looking at images decreased.

Second place for “Elephant Memory”

animals with more memory

The elephant's brain is one of the largest in mammals.
This species can navigate by smell and build a mental map to track pack members.
Additionally, according to the University of St. Andrew, this species can use urine trails to determine what type of elephant it is and in what direction it is moving.

Dolphins are the animals with the longest memory

According to research published by the University of Chicago in 2013, dolphins can recognize the whistle of their former partner even twenty years later, as was the case with two female dolphins named Bailey and Ellie.
The two lived together in their early years and recognized each other immediately after not seeing each other for 20 years.

Other animals with good memories are our pets, dogs and cats, bees and the fish.

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