No more hangovers: 12 natural methods to recover

Waking up with hangover symptoms: nausea, headaches, heartburn, extreme fatigue, and general dehydration was so bad that we swore we would never drink again. But once again we sit at the bar table chatting happily, drinking as if there were no tomorrow, and tomorrow promises: another hangover!!!

Drinking alcohol without fear and fun would be a dream, but a hangover is nothing more than a warning from the body that it is time to calm down. The liver exists! And it's good that that's the case, because otherwise... what would the life of someone who enjoys drinking be like if it weren't for being drunk?

We have selected 12 natural remedies that will help you overcome this difficult moment in life in which, in addition to physical discomfort, there is also mental discomfort: why do we treat people so badly?

We wake up with a “hangover” and the first thing we think about is taking a medication for the headache, another for the nausea, and that's why the liver and kidneys have to work even harder, tired of having to do dialysis for the nights. with alcohol.

Here you have 12 natural recipes to treat a hangover

Lots and lots of water

Recent research shows that drinking water does not prevent a hangover, but common sense and our experience suggest that drinking water can help.

Although drinking alcohol helps hydrate the body, it actually dehydrates it. If we overdose, we use the "two bottle rule." We put two bottles of water on top (maybe the size of bananas!).
You should drink one serving before going to bed and the rest immediately after waking up. This will help us feel better.

Many people drink water after a hangover just to take aspirin or pain relievers. There is nothing worse than this, as drugs tend to make things worse if there is still alcohol in your system.


This fruit is great for treating a hangover, especially if the cause is champagne or sparkling wine. Excessive alcohol consumption significantly reduces the amount of potassium stored in our body, and banana is an excellent integrator of this mineral, while being delicious and economical.

So if you have a long day at work after a hangover, don't forget to put a banana in your pocket and another in your stomach. But eat it in small bites and slowly.


Rich in antioxidants, potassium and fiber that can help reduce hangovers.

For breakfast, eat (or try to eat) toast or crackers sprinkled with honey. Even if your stomach doesn't agree, you'll soon feel better.

Mashed potatoes

I don't understand, for me the only effective remedy for a hangover is a good homemade puree, that is, there is no such powdered semi-finished product.

Making mashed potatoes and sleeping for half an hour is enough. Of course, don't eat too much, but go for a walk, breathe fresh air, buy coconut water...


If your hangover makes you completely lose your appetite and the thought of eating makes you vomit, don't worry, it's normal! What could be better than a delicious soup?

Rich in vitamins and nutrients, it perfectly helps combat dehydration caused by drunkenness.
As a base you can use a delicious light vegetable stew, or if you are more global, make one of the many “hangover soups” from around the world: Pho (Vietnamese), Haejangguk (Korea), Panchita (Mexico), borscht (Ukraine) or a simple homemade broth. If you want, you can add a little pepper to the soup: sweating helps eliminate toxins.

Coconut water

This helps a lot in providing the water that your body needs and that only the coconut water can provide.
However, we do not always have it in stock, we can also go to the kiosk or supermarket closest to the beach to buy. That's why it's always worth having a first aid kit in the fridge :)

Fruit juices

Drinking fruit juice, preferably freshly squeezed, helps to quickly raise blood sugar levels and absorb many vitamins. The only thing you have to be careful with is not to drink orange juice because it is very acidic.

Try to avoid coffee and other drinks containing caffeine because they have a diuretic effect and can worsen dehydration.


A natural medicine that can cure almost any disease. If there is something you should not have in your pantry, it is chamomile, dried flowers or tea bags.

With a little water and salt, chamomile will give your stomach the rest it deserves. Drink warm and very slowly.


Drink a glass of pure lemon. You can use half a squeezed lemon and put it directly in your mouth. Lemons, although acidic, are an alkaline food for the body and help stabilize stomach acids altered by alcohol consumption.

water and lemon

If lemons are too acidic for you, mix the juice of half a lemon with a glass of cold sparkling water.
In addition to being refreshing and delicious, this mixture also helps cure hangovers thanks to the alkaline properties of lemon. It is truly a wonderful natural remedy.


Some people use it before, after, or while drinking alcohol. The secret of this remedy is that the charcoal will absorb the toxins from the alcohol before it poisons you. Read here → all about coal.


Let's agree that there is nothing better in this world than a good rest. Not only to cure hangover but also to solve all other health problems.

Our body can recover from the diseases that affect us, but it needs good treatment, including adequate rest.