The danger of soft drinks for society and the environment

I wonder who can resist carbonated drinks, drinking a cold Coca Cola with plenty of ice? Whether at home, in the office or at university, it is a sweet sin that we are all willing to commit and share with our brothers, uncles, grandparents, cousins ​​and nephews.

There is no pang of conscience for each of the big belches that glorify the consumption of soda. However, we never think about the collateral damage that comes with the use and abuse of the magic potion, which generates a terrible effervescence in its flesh and blood victims.

With an arsenal of advertising campaigns, commercial brands such as Coca Cola, Red Bull and Pepsi are responsible for generating consumer addiction in people's minds. It doesn't matter where you live, work or sleep, because they always have hypnotizing propaganda material that forces you to remember the need to consume the hectic product, after viewing a full-color poster in front of the traffic light, when watching an expensive spot on television, or when we listen to the funny jingles that they repeat on the radio.

Soft drinks, a perverse global trend

If you are thirsty drink a Coca Cola, if you are hungry eat a McDonald's hamburger, and if you are in pain take a Bayer aspirin. This is how the pseudo-globalized World to which we all belong works. If you are inside the bottle, you will have many followers on social networks, which will make you the new global trend. If you are outside the bottle, you will be left following your own shadow in the darkness of loneliness. It is the great martyrdom of the 21st century, which most people are willing to idolize without hesitation.

Nobody drinks water anymore. The savage process of industrialization in which we live annihilated the meaning of our natural, spiritual and cultural roots. They make us believe that it is foolish to drink a glass of water, because it does not generate a wealth of marketing, contracts and profits, in the ruthless pockets of transnational corporations. There is always an excuse to prefer to drink artificial beverages for mass consumption, rather than enjoying a glass of purified water. Let's remember that drinking water improves food digestion, prevents a heart attack, eliminates toxins and impurities from the skin, regulates body temperature and activates your internal organs.

Powdered juices are also as harmful as carbonated drinks.

The problem not only includes Coca Cola, but other liquids that are harmful to the body, such as dried fruit powders, diet sodas and unfermented malts. In fact, they are not really fooling anyone by selling the toxicity-filled drinks.

If you read the printed information on the label or the back of the containers, you will see a list of ingredients that include phosphoric acid, caffeine, taurine, caramel color, and phenylalanine. All these chemical compounds alter the body, and produce heartburn, osteoporosis and tachycardia.

Children and adolescents, prey of the market

The saddest thing is that the companies that manufacture mixtures of synthetic origin commonly attack the youth market, so that children and adolescents fall into the trap of prohibited drinks from an early age. This whole reprehensible situation is established with the consent of the boys' parents, who go to the supermarkets and buy these products for them.

Nobody thinks about the premature deterioration of health that tartrazine and sodium cyclamate inject for the comprehensive development of children. It is common to use the image of jungle animals or characters from children's cartoons, along with catchy musical backgrounds and other advertising tricks, so that parents and their children do not get tired of drinking the mind-blowing misfortune.

The responsibility of soft drinks

The day you get sick from so much glucose in your blood, I assure you that Mr. and Mrs. Coca Cola are NOT going to take you to the hospital to see a doctor. The famous Red Bull is also not going to pay for the tests that determine the degree of decalcification that your bones present. And not even the clown Ronald will brighten your rest on the cold stretcher, until they take you straight to the operating room. They will let you die without any regrets, and they will go in search of other innocent popcorn, to sell them more sodas, hamburgers and energy drinks.

Today, Coca Cola is one of the great anti-values ​​that manifests all the rot that clothed the disastrous Uncle Sam. Although they tell us that soda brings families together and promotes good habits. The truth is that gasoline with ice only encourages selfishness, violence and meanness. It is a reflection of the idiosyncrasy that identifies the American kingdom, and that punishes its foreign vassals with greater force. The worst thing is that it increases sectarianism among its consumers, who become blind, deaf and mute beings in the face of social injustices that originate in different latitudes of the planet.

Drinking water is not fashionable

Our ancestors advised us to drink eight glasses of water a day, but I wonder, who drinks eight glasses of water a day? Although our body cries out to enjoy the vital liquid, we never listen to its constant pleas. Perhaps we are all guilty of the ecological irrationality that is perceived today, because the problem transcends the corporeal and takes hold in the surrounding biophysical space. Behind the purchase and sale of soft drinks, there is a great environmental destruction that hits the environment we live in with intensity.

Carbonated drinks, major generators of ecological problems

It is common to see cans, caps and glass bottles in the main streets, squares and parks of the cities. Being a socio-environmental lack of control that harms natural resources, which goes against Conservation Culture, which is never sponsored by government entities. Without realizing it, we are assuming an indifferent attitude that contaminates the vegetation of the territories, and that transforms into domestic garbage accumulated in rivers, ravines and ravines. It is known that the ecosystems where marine species live are very vulnerable due to the amount of plastic and aluminum that is deposited inside their waters.

We see that commercial brands never encourage recycling, reforestation and cleaning of green areas to their beloved consumers, because they fructify people's apathy, to continue deforesting forests, desertifying soils, muddying watersheds and extinguishing the biodiversity of the world. That is the real business that exists at the bottom of the devilish bottle. It is the supply and demand that is born from the outburst of ecocide, and that fiercely disrupts our continent, since it is known that Latin America is the main consumer of Coca Cola on a global scale.

Soda corporations destroying nature

What many do not know is that Coca Cola, Nestlé or Pepsi have been systematically destroying the natural resources of planet Earth, since they invade, exploit and make profitable the benefits of the air, water and soil, in exchange for receiving more blood money for the delight of corporate partners. Among the latent environmental problems, such as Climate Change, the Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming, is the demonic presence of multinationals that dispossess indigenous people of their lands, and bribe judicial entities to perpetrate crimes, without fear of receiving legal sanctions and raising the great smoke of ethnocide.

You just have to travel to the beautiful Aconcagua River in the Chilean country, to hear the testimony of the locals who complained about the bad smells and the dark tone that the waters of the river course had, after the environmental pollution produced by the giant Coca Cola. . It has also destroyed the Coatepec aquifers in Aztec territory, due to the exploitation and pollution of existing water resources, which causes a health emergency by limiting access to sources of drinking water. In turn, Coca Cola is one of the main companies that dumps unhealthy waste into the Matanza-Riachuelo river basin located in the Argentine nation, which is among the ten most polluted places on the planet.

The suspicious uses of soft drinks

In addition, Coca Cola is often used to clean the radiator and lubricate car tires, to make explosive homemade bombs, and even as a powerful pesticide in agriculture. The danger of drinking gasoline with ice is a drug, a mafia and a religion that distinguishes our volatile Humanity. We play with the well-being of our health, in exchange for paying the tithe for each liter we consume. Years go by, and the human body ages, hoping that one day we will return to pay tribute to the eight sacred vessels of water. But, the hands of the clock that mark the course of Modern Society, prefer to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with a monumental bottle of Coca Cola in the center of the table, which sanctifies the food to be enjoyed by the diners.

Latin America is the region with the highest consumption

I keep wondering why Latin America is the region with the highest consumption of Coca Cola globally? It will be because we are very easy to manipulate thanks to the continuous advertising bombardment, or it is because we forget the cultural legacy of our aborigines. It is very unfortunate that Latin American trails are enslaved to foreign drinks, despite the fact that in their landscapes there are countless natural concoctions, which Pachamama taught us to make to quench thirst and live in harmony with the flora and fauna.

There is no doubt that we are trapped in a perverse process of Transculturation, which does not remember the ethical and moral values ​​that we received from the brave native peoples. But, it is not convenient for commercial brands to rescue the sense of belonging of the people, and for the consumption of natural beverages to become widespread for the community. For this reason, transnational companies offer great economic benefits to the governments in power, so that they never dare to develop production and marketing lines for natural beverages, which would put an end to the lucrative soft drink business around the world.

The beer and tobacco industry also in the crosshairs

It is the same vicious circle that hides in the beer and tobacco industries. They promise you the sky and the stars so that you become co-dependent on alcohol, nicotine and gasoline. After the poison takes its effect on the body, you feel that you need a daily dose of Coca Cola to successfully complete daily tasks. Then they force you to continue buying and drinking the hydrocarbon, while attending public events (musical concerts, sports games, birthday parties or street fairs). It is a curse that destroys the critical thinking of citizens and roboticizes their behavior.

Everyone wonders what the secret ingredient in Coca Cola is, which for several generations has made it the brand new superhero of Human Beings. It represents one of the greatest mysteries unsolved by the universal scientific community. Some claim that these are rodenticides diluted in water, and others claim that it is cyanide administered in small portions. However, the true substance hidden in the liquid of Coca Cola is the foaming ignorance that is perceived in the millions of ignorant people who drink that soda, without considering the deadly risk in the short and long term.

The richness of natural drinks

In order to avoid this, in the Latin American geography there are delicious drinks made with the magic of Nature, and that you can buy or prepare for the benefit of your family, neighbors and friends. For example, we have mate, coconut water, lemonade or the refreshing mocochinchi, which knocked out Coca Cola and took over the good palate of Bolivians. Likewise, natural juices are a great alternative to get out of the soda alley. In every corner there is a tasty fruit that will help you change your eating habits. Between mangoes, bananas, watermelons, pears, grapefruits, tamarinds and oranges, there is a universe of possibilities to create healthy and very nutritious recipes.

The best way to minimize the negative impact of Coca Cola and its twisted American allies is by disseminating all the truths that demonstrate its harmful damage to health. It is a very uneven fight, since they use disinformation campaigns among the population, taking advantage of the media show orchestrated by the international private media, which are the main accomplices of their classic misdeeds. We believe that people are capable of rejecting these commercial rubbish, if we use Environmental Education to unmask the lie, and promote a much more ecological modus vivendi in the schools, squares and cities we inhabit.

Open the eyes

We should not continue drinking gasoline with ice, knowing the dire consequences it has on the body. It is time to open your eyes to wake up from the contemporary madness, and say NO to the soft drinks sold by foreign commercial brands. It is a personal decision that invites us to reflect on the fatal consumerism that prevails in the 21st century, and thus obtain a social conscience that prioritizes the reinvention of the being. Let us forget the past, and drink the water of life.

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