Emotional causes of sore throat

Sore throat and other problems can occur due to different causes, including emotional factors. Experts on emotional causes of diseases maintain that the throat is closely related to our ability to express ourselves. It is important to understand how our emotions are linked to our physical health, as this can be a useful tool in promoting our well-being.

In the following article, we will present you the opinions of recognized experts on the possible emotional causes of a sore throat and its relationship with our emotions. We will explore its origins from the perspective of experts in the connection between the body and emotions, as well as from the holistic approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Knowing these perspectives can give us a more complete and understanding view of how our emotions can influence our physical health.

Cristina Cairo – Body language

According to Cristina Cairo, in her book Body Language , the throat symbolizes speech . The throat is a channel that we use to communicate our thoughts and feelings. When we encounter difficulties speaking or expressing ourselves, it can cause inflammation in the throat as a physical response to this frustration.

When we experience pain and problems in our throat, it may be a sign that we are facing difficulties expressing our feelings and communicating our desires and opinions.

Cristina Cairo, an expert on the subject, suggests some strategies to prevent throat disorders. One of them is learning to overcome the fear of speaking, expressing our feelings and seeking positive changes in our lives. In addition, it encourages us to live with greater emotional independence and create an environment of freedom that is beneficial for our well-being, where we do not feel obligated to do what we do not want.

Valcapelli & Gasparetto – Metaphysics of Health

According to the authors Valcapelli and Gasparetto in their book "Metaphysics of Health", it is argued that the various diseases of the throat are closely related to our emotions and attitudes. An example of this would be:

  • It may be the result of intense anger over not being able to express yourself.
  • They arise from the difficulty in facing conflict situations.
  • They occur due to feelings of guilt.

According to experts on the subject, the larynx, which is part of the throat, is responsible for our ability to express ourselves and plays a fundamental role in communication and our ability to discern relationships between ideas and facts.

The larynx plays a fundamental role in breathing and voice production, which is closely related to our ability to communicate and relate. However, when the larynx is affected by negative emotions, it can be difficult to express ourselves adequately.

The voice is a very powerful resource to express ourselves. Through it, we can reflect our feelings, thoughts and the way we communicate can have a positive or negative impact. It is important to be aware of how we use our voice to ensure that our words are constructive and not destructive. It is important to be aware of our words, as they can reveal negative feelings that may be present in our subconscious. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to what we say and reflect on the emotions that could be hidden behind them.

Louise Hay – You can heal your life

For Louise Hay, author of the book You can heal your life , The throat represents our capacity for expression and creativity. .

Throat problems can manifest when we do not feel comfortable expressing ourselves, when we prioritize pleasing others, or when we suppress our creativity.

Louise Hay, renowned writer and personal growth expert, makes a connection between throat problems and the inability to communicate properly. From her perspective, these problems can arise when we suppress our emotions or don't allow ourselves to express our creativity. Additionally, guilt can also contribute to these throat-related problems.

Louise Hay is a leading figure in the field of healing and proposes an approach based on positive affirmations. These affirmations encourage expression, forgiveness, inner peace, and a willingness to accept change. By practicing these affirmations, she seeks to promote a state of emotional well-being and open herself to new opportunities.

The view of Chinese medicine on pain and throat problems

La Chinese traditional medicine (MTC) is characterized by being a holistic approach that considers the individual holistically. Not only the symptoms are taken into account, but also the constitution and the unique energetic and emotional patterns of each person. This comprehensive approach seeks to balance and harmonize the body, mind and spirit to promote optimal health.

According to Chinese medicine, a sore throat can have several causes, one of them is energy imbalance in the body. Below I will present some common Chinese medicine explanations and approaches to diagnose and treat this type of throat pain and problems.

External factor (wind chill factor)

According to Chinese medicine, a sore throat is often attributed to an external attack of wind chill. This thermal sensation can penetrate the body and affect the throat. The term used for this is "external factor" and it is treated through the use of acupuncture and herbal medicine. These methods aim to disperse cold symptoms and restore balance in the body.

Internal imbalances

In Chinese medicine, the role of internal factors in sore throat is taken into account. An imbalance in the vital energy system called Qi may be a possible cause to consider.

When Qi, vital energy, is weakened or blocked in our body, it can manifest itself through annoying symptoms such as a sore throat. To treat this condition, it is important to strengthen and balance Qi, as well as promote adequate energy circulation in our body.

five elements

Chinese medicine is a practice that can also analyze sore throat through the Five Element system (wood, fire, earth, metal and water). For example, a sore throat caused by a buildup of cold in the body would be treated differently than a sore throat caused by excess moisture. This holistic perspective makes it possible to address the different causes of sore throat and offer personalized treatments according to individual needs.


In Chinese medicine, treatment for a sore throat can vary depending on the underlying causes identified by the healthcare professional. Each person is unique, so a personalized approach will be applied to address this type of discomfort.

Traditional Chinese medicine is based on the use of techniques such as acupuncture and medicinal herbs to treat various throat conditions. These practices have proven to be effective over time and are considered a natural alternative to relieve symptoms and promote health in this area of ​​the body.


Acupuncture is a common practice in Chinese medicine to treat sore throats. During the session, the acupuncturist uses specific points along the body's meridians to stimulate energy and provide pain relief.

Chinese herbal medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is an ancient practice that uses medicinal herbs in the preparation of formulas to treat various ailments, including pain and throat problems. These formulas often combine herbs that have specific properties to relieve inflammation, fight pathogens, strengthen the immune system, and promote energy balance.

Therapist talks about the emotional causes of throat problems

In this video, integrative therapist Cibele Crochi explores the connection between sore throat and emotional problems. She discovers how our emotions can manifest physically and how to approach these issues from a holistic perspective.

Emotions x Throat

There is a clear relationship between our emotions and the development of diseases. Stress, anxiety, emotional suppression, and lack of expression can have a significant impact on our physical health, especially in the throat region.

It is essential to become aware of these connections and find healthy ways to express our feelings and thoughts. This will help us maintain a balance in both our throat and our body, thus promoting good general health.

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