We reject Argentina's accession to UPOV 91

Adherence to UPOV 91, and it is an old desire of transnational seed corporations such as Bayer-Monsanto, Syngenta, Corteva or Basf, and national ones such as Bioceres or Don Mario.

On December 27, the National Government presented its draft "Omnibus Law" which among its 664 articles, number 241, establishes Argentina's accession "to the International Convention on the Protection of New Plant Varieties (1991)".

For years, this handful of corporations, through their organizations, have unsuccessfully sought to modify the current Seed Law (no. 20.247 of 1973), which recognizes intellectual property rights (“breeder rights”) for companies, but also guarantees rights. of farmers about the fruits of their crops with certified seeds. These attempts were systematically rejected by a broad range of producer and civil society organizations.

What does accession to UPOV represent?

Adherence to UPOV 91 represents the deepening of the corporate enclosure of the first link of any agri-food chain, through the recognition of greater intellectual property rights over seeds, amputating the rights of producers since, among other things, it limits the possibility that have to make "own use", extends "protection" also to the harvest and enables the patenting of seeds. 

UPO extension

The incorporation of the country into an International Convention such as UPOV means that the current Seed Law must be modified to adapt it to its provisions, as happens with countries that sign free trade agreements.. Thus, A discussion that has been going on for more than a decade of parliamentary debate without consensus, aims to be settled “from above”, without specific debate, within the framework of the express treatment of an “omnibus law”, and in extraordinary sessions.

What is at stake in article 241 is transcendental: who controls the seeds, controls the agri-food chain, and therefore the availability, quality and price of food for our population. For all this, the signatory organizations demand that the National Congress reject the accession to UPOV 91 in protection of the Food Sovereignty of our people.