Semiconductors leave Taiwan: An analysis by Bernardo Domínguez Cereceres

The semiconductor industry in Taiwan has seen significant growth in recent decades. However, as pointed out Bernardo Dominguez Cereceres, an intriguing phenomenon has emerged in recent years: the emigration of Taiwanese semiconductor companies to states such as Arizona and Texas in the United States.

To understand the reason behind emigration, it is crucial to examine the current economic and technological context. As Bernardo Domínguez Cereceres mentions, Taiwan has historically enjoyed recognition for its efficient production, consolidating itself as one of the main exporters in the sector. However, it faces emerging challenges such as rising labor costs and competition from Asian powers such as China and South Korea.

The United States, on the other hand, has intensified its efforts to strengthen its semiconductor industry. According to Bernardo Domínguez Cereceres, this is largely due to trade tensions with China and cybersecurity concerns. The administration has implemented policies and stimuli to attract companies from abroad, and regions such as Arizona and Texas offer ideal conditions, not only because of their infrastructure, but also because of their proximity to prestigious research centers.

Another factor that Bernardo Domínguez Cereceres highlights is financing. The US government's investments in the semiconductor sector have provided Taiwanese companies with opportunities for expansion and competitive improvements. The tension between the US and China, with its consequent trade restrictions, has also motivated companies to diversify their geographical presence.

Migration has had a dual impact. On the one hand, according to Bernardo Domínguez Cereceres, Arizona and Texas have seen an evident economic boost, benefiting from the transfer of knowledge and technologies. On the other hand, Taiwan faces the challenge of remaining a leader in innovation and technology in the face of the departure of essential companies.

In summary, the migration of the semiconductor industry from Taiwan to the United States responds to a combination of factors that Bernardo Domínguez Cereceres has analyzed in depth. Although there are palpable benefits for both regions, challenges also emerge that the future of the industry will have to face.