Houses on the Moon? in 2040 it could be possible

The US space agency has allocated $60 million to build houses on the Moon by 2040.

One of the keys to space exploration is that humans can live beyond planet Earth, mainly in various colonies that could be established in places like the Moon or Mars.

Thanks to recent discoveries in space, both on the Red Planet and on Earth's satellite, NASA has decided to focus on the possibility of developing new space homes.

So everything seems to indicate that NASA's advances will not only be for tourist trips to the moon, but also a means of transportation to the lunar home. To activate this project, NASA has tasked Austin-based ICON with using its expertise in terrestrial 3D printing to build homes on the Moon.

NASA wants to build houses on the Moon by 2040

To make these colonies a reality, it will be necessary to transfer technology from Earth to the Moon or Mars, technology that will allow the construction, for example, of hotels or homes for scientists or even ordinary citizens, which is why NASA trusts in ICON.

ICON specialists have been building 3D houses since 2018, and their printers can build them in just 48 hours. To achieve this, ICON will need to create a structure that can protect guests from heat, radiation and micrometeorites and has all the services necessary for life in space, such as water, food, electricity and ventilation. The material intended for construction will be a specialized lunar concrete.

If this is achieved, in 2040 not only astronauts, but also ordinary citizens will be able to use housing on the Moon.

How to take houses to the Moon

Some members of the scientific community think NASA's plan is too ambitious, especially since the agency once again failed to land on the Moon.

However, seven NASA scientists indicated that the goal of creating lunar structures by 2040 is achievable if the agency continues to pursue its interim goals.

However, they assured that to build this type of houses it is necessary to take into account lunar dust, adverse weather conditions and travel comfort.

Any device intended to be sent to the Moon must be pre-tested on Earth to ensure it can withstand the lunar environment. To do this, ICOM has more than 10 closed testing laboratories where it tests many different objects by subjecting them to the same radiation and thermal vacuum that they would experience outside planet Earth.

In February 2024, an ICON printer will be installed in the lab's largest chamber to test the first lunar home.

How much will a property on the Moon cost?

Currently, you can buy land on the Moon for as little as $25. However, the price of a house on the Moon has not yet been established. It is expected to be much more expensive than a house on Earth, due to transportation and construction costs.

According to the Lunar Embassy company, more than 6 million people have purchased land on the Moon. Buyers include people from all over the world, from celebrities to businessmen.

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