October 18 World Nature Protection Day

On October 18, World Nature Protection Day is celebrated worldwide with the aim of raising awareness about the need to take care of the planet.

Why is Nature Protection Day celebrated?

World Nature Protection Day has been celebrated since 1972, when the former president of Argentina, General Juan Domingo Perón, said the following in a speech in Madrid:

"The time has come for all the peoples and governments of the world to become aware of the suicidal march that humanity has undertaken through the pollution of the environment and the biosphere, the squandering of natural resources, the unchecked growth of population and the overestimation of technology. It is necessary to immediately reverse the direction of this march, through joint international action."

These words reached Kurt Waldheim, then secretary of the UN, through a letter sent by Perón himself. These words were so deeply etched in the secretary's memory that he repeated them before the General Assembly, which he considered the protection of the environment one of the main objectives of the 2030 Agenda.

However, this day is not officially announced by the United Nations as World Environment Day is officially celebrated on June 5.

Some of the environmental problems that threaten nature are:

  • Pollution of air, water and soil
  • Deforestation
  • The extinction of species
  • Climate change problematic
protection of nature

How to help nature

Currently, one of the main objectives of the United Nations is to achieve a more sustainable world, an objective promoted by the 2030 Agenda, which ensures that countries achieve development without intervening on nature but using the renewable resources they have available.

The best way to achieve this goal is to achieve the following objectives:

  • Use renewable energy sources.
  • Recycle and reuse plastic, as well as all waste that can be used to create new products.
  • Perform regular vehicle maintenance or replace it with a vehicle that uses biofuel or solar energy.
  • Build urban areas with green roofs.
  • Produce compost at home to reduce urban waste.
  • Carry ecological shopping bags.
  • Reduce your own carbon footprint.
  • Consume organic products.
  • Reduce unnecessary consumption.
  • Don't waste food and cultivate a garden.

These are just a few tips, but there are many more actions that can be taken to keep the planet clean and healthy.

What to do to celebrate this day?

You can join some of the activities planned by NGOs, you can also coordinate with friends to clean a park or distribute leaflets with information on environmental conservation, attend a craft workshop with recycling materials or open your own YouTube channel to disseminate actions on the care of nature.

We can't undo the damage done to the planet, but we can plant trees, green our cities, add wildlife to our gardens, change our diets and clean up rivers and coasts.

We are a generation that can be in harmony with nature. This is our last chance to change course: avoid climate disaster, stem the rising tide of pollution and waste, and halt biodiversity loss.

We can protect what remains and restore what has been destroyed. Let's be proactive, don't worry. Let's be brave, not shy. Today is a great day to start.

But remember, everything you share on your networks, do it with the hashtag #WorldNatureProtectionDay.


With information of: https://www.diainternacionalde.com/