The rechargeable vaper, the ecological alternative to disposable vapers

El The use of vapers has experienced a tremendous boom in recent years, extolling itself as an excellent alternative to traditional cigarettes, which is less harmful to both health and the environment and is also more economical.

Although they are devices for exclusive use by adults, el vaper It is the most effective solution for those people who want to stop smoking little by little, since the use of this type of electronic cigarettes is very similar to that of cigarettes, with the difference that vaping is much less harmful than tobacco.

El Vaping allows you to gradually reduce nicotine addiction, since there are vaping liquids with different percentages of nicotine, which helps make this complicated process much more bearable. Furthermore, with the vaper you forget about the unpleasant odors, flavors and smoke of tobacco.

Increasingly common among those who want to quit tobacco, in a vaper shop You will find different types of vapers, mainly highlighting the rechargeable and disposable ones., which are electronic cigarettes that allow vaping, with the difference that the former are reusable and have greater durability, while the latter are single-use, which means that once they are used up, they must be discarded.

Aware of the doubts that exist in this regard, below, we are going to tell you What are rechargeable vapers and what advantages do they offer? versus disposable ones.

What is a rechargeable vaper and what advantages does it offer?

A rechargeable vaper, as its name suggests, is a electronic cigarette that allows you to refill the vaping liquid once it is sold out, which means that can be reused, without having to throw it away or having to buy a new vaper again.

Reuse makes these vapers a much more profitable economic option in the long term, especially for those users who vape at a high intensity, and for whom disposable vapers only last one or two days at most.

If you are such a user, you should know that the price of vaping liquids is much cheaper than a new vaper and, although it is true that the initial investment in the rechargeable vaper is higher, it is also true that it will pay for itself over time, which makes them the preferred option among the most experienced vapers.

Another feature of rechargeable vapers is that They have much more powerful batteries, which translates into a much higher volume of vapor. In addition, there are models on the market that allow you to adjust both the power and the temperature, which translates into a completely personalized vaping experience for each user and, above all, more pleasant.

And, of course, it should also be noted that since they are reusable, a rechargeable vaper is a sustainable alternative, much more respectful of the environment, since by extending its use, they significantly reduce the generation of waste and waste generated by the consumption of these electronic cigarettes.

In addition, it should be noted that There are rechargeable vapers made with recyclable and reusable materials of the highest quality, such as stainless steel or aluminum alloy or plastic, which make them much more beneficial for the planet.

Main advantages of vaping over smoking

Less harmful

It is shown that Vaping is much less harmful to health than tobacco, which contains around 7.000 chemicals, of which at least 70 are carcinogenic.

Vaping liquids are free of toxic substances and, in addition, vaping allows you to control the dose of nicotine consumed, which is an excellent option to leave it progressively.

Goodbye to smoke

El vaping produces vapor instead of smoke, which is undoubtedly an advantage to take into account, since the risk of exposure to secondhand smoke is greatly reduced, which is highly beneficial for those who live with small children or non-smoking people.

Likewise also you forget about the bad smells left by cigarette smoke, which are impregnated on clothes, hair, house, car and practically anywhere.

less addictive

It has been shown that vaping is less addictive than smoking, because it allows nicotine to be administered without exposure to other toxic substances present in traditional cigarettes. This makes it one of the preferred options for smokers who want to quit smoking, but are looking for something that allows them to quit little by little.


It must also be said that vaping is cheaper than smoking, this being one of the reasons why many people have switched from cigarettes to vapes.