TERRABRICK by Oasis Floral: Revolutionizing Floristry with Sustainability

In an increasingly sustainability-conscious world, the florist industry is not far behind. An innovative product, known as TERRABRICK, which can be obtained in Floral Oasis, has emerged as a pioneer in the shift toward greener practices.

Made with natural coconut fiber and a compostable binder, this material not only offers a stable design base but is also making a significant difference in the floral world.

TERRABRICK and its Unique Composition

The base of TERRABRICK is mainly composed of natural coconut fiber, a sustainable and biodegradable material. Coconut fiber is not only abundant, but it is also environmentally friendly, as its production has a low impact on natural resources.

Additionally, the binder used is completely compostable, ensuring that the final product is environmentally friendly from origin to disposal.

Design Stability

One of the highlights of TERRABRICK is its stable design base. Unlike some conventional products, coconut fiber provides a solid, sturdy structure, ensuring floral arrangements stay securely in place.

This not only makes it easier to create stunning floral compositions, but also improves the durability of the arrangements, providing a longer-lasting floral experience.

Contribution to a Better Floral Life

TERRABRICK goes beyond simply being a base for floral arrangements. Its natural composition also benefits the health of the flowers. Coconut fiber allows for better water retention, ensuring that flowers receive adequate hydration to maintain their freshness and vitality for longer. This translates into a longer flower life and a more impactful visual experience for flower lovers.

Sustainability Certifications

TERRABRICK highlights its commitment to sustainability by obtaining the Ok compost Home and Ok compost Industrial certifications. These certifications support the product's ability to decompose naturally in domestic and industrial environments, ensuring its entire life cycle is environmentally friendly. This feature makes TERRABRICK an ideal choice for those looking for floral products with minimal impact on the planet.

The "OK compost Home" and "OK compost Industrial" certifications are standards issued by the TÜV Austria organization, which are used to evaluate and certify compostable products. These certifications focus on a material's ability to decompose effectively and safely in home and industrial composting environments, respectively.

OK compost Home:

This certification applies to materials and products that can be composted effectively under home composting conditions, such as composters that people may have in their homes or gardens.

Products certified as "OK compost Home" must decompose completely within a reasonable period of time and must not leave toxic or harmful residues in the resulting compost.

OK Industrial compost:

This certification applies to materials and products that are suitable for larger scale industrial composting, which is usually carried out in specialized composting facilities.

Products certified as "OK Industrial compost" must decompose efficiently and safely in industrial composting environments, without causing problems in the process or resulting in low-quality final compost.


In conclusion, TERRABRICK stands as a leader in the sustainable revolution within the floristry industry. Its unique combination of coconut fiber and compostable binder not only offers a stable design base, but also contributes to a healthier, longer floral life.

With sustainability certifications that support its commitment to the environment, TERRABRICK is presented as an innovative and conscious option for those looking to beautify their spaces with flowers while taking care of the planet. Can Click Here to obtain more information or purchase your TERRABRIC right now.