Old t-shirts, 4 ideas to recycle them

A lot of old t-shirts are generated in our wardrobes over the years because it is one of the most used and essential everyday items.

They are used so frequently that over time they naturally degrade, they stain, they discolor, they become unstitched, they get holes... and we no longer want to use them. Some are not even in a condition to be donated, so those of us who are into environmentalism find it difficult to throw them away.

Luckily there are practical ideas that we can implement to give them a second use. Their composition, often made of cotton, makes them ideal for reuse.

Recycle those old t-shirts you have in your closet with these 4 creative ideas

Idea 1: Kitchen cloth

If you want to renew your kitchen and don't want to spend a cent, take advantage of old t-shirts and turn them into new rags. They are perfect because they are made of cotton and absorb liquids very well. Just remember to wash them beforehand, then use scissors to cut them to the desired size and you're done. An old t-shirt is enough to make some scraps that you can save and use when necessary.

It's nothing new, our grandmothers probably did it... on this occasion we can get a little more creative and intervene on these pieces of fabric with embroidery, ribbons and other elements to give them a special touch.

Idea 2: Bag

A great idea to recycle old t-shirts is to turn them into beautiful and functional bags for everyday life. See these 3 options in the following video.

Idea 3 Pillows

For this option, it is best to use a t-shirt with yellow armpits but the fabric is in good condition. If it has a stamp, drawing or impression in the center, even better to make your design unique.

Wash the old t-shirt, pre-washing is necessary to prevent the fabrics from shrinking or smelling bad.

Use sharp scissors to prevent the fabric from fraying and save you sewing work. Form two squares or rectangles (pillow shapes) from the center of the shirt. To do this, you need to cut the neckline and sleeves.

Then you will sew the two squares on 3 of their sides on the back (that is, front to front). Now turn the fabric so that the seam is facing inwards and the drawing is visible.

Fill the pillows. The ideal is to continue using old clothes cut into strips. In this case, its state of wear no longer matters.

Sew the bottom part and that's it! You can also add a zipper or button to make it easier to wash this cover from time to time.

Idea 4: Cattails

And if you still haven't decided what you're going to do with your old t-shirts, an excellent way to reuse them is to cut strips and assemble balls, known in some places as "totora" to then create different woven pieces such as rugs, pillows, and more!

You can also use old t-shirts to make clothes for the little ones, bibs, pompoms, a bed for your pet, accessories such as collars, pet clothing, mats, and a thousand more ideas!

Ecological footprint of fashion

By recycling your old t-shirts, you contribute to reducing the ecological footprint of the company. fashion industry. Each new garment manufactured consumes energy and resources, reusing them helps conserve those resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In turn, the fashion industry is making efforts to produce more sustainable garments, using materials that do not impact the environment, betting on local development, paying attention to the marketing chain, among other strategies.

As consumers we play an important role in choosing clothing brands that prioritize sustainability and taking a more conscious approach to fashion.


With information of: https://www.cleanipedia.com/