Silky and naturally shiny hair without spending a fortune on keratin products

Don't spend more on keratin, look at what you may have in your kitchen that you can use to keep your hair silky and shiny.

Perhaps you have questioned yourself more than once that, to have beautiful hair, you have to use a large number of extremely expensive products. Well, the reality is that if you are looking for a very effective product to keep your hair under control, we cannot fail to mention Keratin.

Although there are many products that guarantee beautiful hair at all times, the truth is that we know that keratin, in addition to the substances that our hair produces naturally, can contain a large amount of chemical components that can be harmful to the hair. to future.

That's why today we bring you an effective solution to create your own keratin treatment at home, free of chemicals, using an ingredient that you probably already have at home and that will surprise you when you see the final result.

The natural replacement of keratin

It is apple cider vinegar, a homemade and economical alternative ideal for hydrating hair and thereby solving the problem of split ends and frizz. It is one of the reasons why keratin straightening is sometimes not completely successful. .

The benefits of applying vinegar to your hair

There are some important benefits to using vinegar on your hair. However, according to experts, three of them stand out from the rest:

First of all, applying vinegar to your hair will give it a unique shine, adding vitality and shine to your appearance.

The mild acidic nature of vinegar also plays an important role in sealing the hair cuticle, helping to maintain beautiful hair color. This characteristic acidity of vinegar is also especially beneficial for those with slightly oily scalps, as it helps balance excess sebum, leaving hair feeling fresher and cleaner. Also for those who suffer from dandruff.

But attention!

Vinegar is usually incompatible with modern hair cosmetics. If you have had a keratin treatment, don't even think about using vinegar afterwards. The only thing you can do is ruin your treatment.

Our hair naturally contains keratin, a protein that gives hair structure and strength. It is also an important component of nails and skin. Because the pH of vinegar is very low (i.e., very acidic), applying too much vinegar can damage the hair's natural keratin layer, drying it out and losing its protective layer.

So sometimes a diluted vinegar solution applied to the roots of the plant and then rinsed can help. For example, it will give you the shine you are looking for.

However, if you start using it excessively, you will damage your hair cuticles and put your hair at risk. This will make your hair more porous, damage the cuticles, and cause your hair to become brittle, dry, rough, and have split ends.


How to apply vinegar correctly

This is a very simple treatment, you will need a mixture prepared from 1 tablespoon of aloe vera vegetable gel; ½ cup of water and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. To achieve the keratin effect, it is necessary to prepare this mixture.

Then, after washing your hair, but without using conditioner, apply the mixture especially to the scalp and ends, comb well and wait 10 minutes for it to take effect. After this time, you just need to wash your hair with cold water, apply conditioner and rinse again.

Keep in mind that applying vinegar frequently can also cause changes in your natural coloring. There are several types of vinegar and each one achieves different effects. Depending on your hair color and the results you are looking for, you should choose the correct type of vinegar. 

For example, white vinegar is perfect if you have brown hair, you can get very natural blonde highlights. Apple cider vinegar is ideal for lighter brown tones, as the lightening effect can be more intense. If you have very dark hair, it may be very difficult to achieve a lighter effect. The results are not seen at the first time. You must be constant and you will notice the difference.

Like any natural product, perseverance is needed in the treatment, but taking into account the detail of the pH of the vinegar so as not to end up damaging your hair. The ideal would be to use it once a week or more frequently to benefit from the natural properties of vinegar.

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