Ants: 24 Home and Natural Remedies to Fight Them

These are some of the natural remedies to avoid an ant infestation at home. I hope that it will help my friend Gemita, who was the one who asked me for it, and everyone who reads this article to avoid the use of chemical pesticides.

1 Sprinkle talcum powder on the bottom of doors and windows

2 Sprinkle red pepper or paprika in places where there are ants

3 Using a spray bottle, spray vinegar on the areas where there are ants.

4 Place a sprig of oregano in your dispenser to keep them away from the food.

5 Place sprigs of lavender (or lavender) in the places where you have problems.

6 Prepare a mixture of sugar and borax. Put it where you have problems with them, it is a very good poison.

7 Pour coffee grounds in the garden and around the house. Ants can't stand the smell. It will also keep cats away.

8 If you see the hole where the ants are getting into, squeeze the juice of a lemon into the hole.

9 Peppermint, tansy or St. Mark's wort, and pennyroyal seem to repel them. Plant them near the house to keep them at bay. The red ones in particular hate the sweet fern.

10 You can prepare a very simple recipe to repel ants, adding 250 ml of essence of each of these herbs to a bottle with 3cm30 of hand soap: citronella, pennyroyal, peppermint, cinnamon, rose and tea oil. Mix everything and dilute three tablespoons of the preparation in two cups of water. Spray the dilution in places in your house where you find ants. This formula is useful for washing kitchen counters, but for this use you should dilute only half a tablespoon of the mother preparation in two cups of water.

11 If you find ants in the garbage cans, spray them with the first dilution as well. When you see anthills near your house, pour boiling water inside.

12 Once the ants have entered the house, other measures must be taken. Spread pennyroyal, tansy, and peppermint leaves over surfaces where you find them. These plants serve as a "deterrent." Bay leaves cut into small pieces are also useful.

13 Another useful mixture to repel them is the following: 1 cup of water, ¼ cup + 1 tablespoon of hot chili or Tabasco sauce, ¼ cup of liquid soap and 1 teaspoon of peppermint or mint essence. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray the places where you see ants entering the house.

14 Washing countertops with equal parts vinegar and water also serves as a repellent. Another excellent remedy is ground cloves or pepper and sprinkled where ants are seen. These insects hate both spices, and will not pass through places where they find them again.

15 If for some reason you do not want to use these spices, you can place flypaper in strategic areas to catch any that circulate around the house.

16 One of the most curious repellents that exist are broken eggshells. They will help prevent these insects from invading the pantry shelves.

17 Another option is to place raw grains of common rice in the places where they pass and have them take it to the anthill, in the humidity generated by the rice, it has starch, this generates a fungus, fed by humidity and oxygen, When it grows and runs out of oxygen, the fungus explodes and kills all the ants in that anthill and in 8 square meters they do not return for 12 months to grow another anthill.

18 The most incredible remedy that I have found borders on science fiction, it consists of pouring boron on a little honey and letting the ants take the mixture. The boron, once introduced into the anthill, acts as a chemical weapon that destroys a fungus that the ants breed inside the anthill and that apparently must be vital to them, since once the fungus died, the rabies ended.

19 A strong decoction of walnut leaves poured into an anthill kills the ants.

20 By burying fish guts in the anthill, and smearing tree trunks with the water where it has been cleaned or washed, the ants flee from that smell, and perish when they breathe it nearby.

21 Prepare a nettle slurry: crush the nettles in a mortar or other container and boil for half an hour (a handful of nettles in five liters of water). Let cool, stirring occasionally. Let it rest for five hours. Apply and spray or water over the paths. Also dump it at the entrance to the anthill.

22 Mix 3 parts dish soap with 1 part water and spray the solution wherever you see ants. This erases the scent trail the ants leave for others to follow.

23 This technique was invented by a teacher and some children in Uruguay. It seems that the ants entered the school library and destroyed the books. To combat them they put various types of plants and substances. Of all of them, two had a real effect.

Cloves and parsley against ants

When they put a clove and some cookie, none of the ants came close to eating the cookie. It seems to be very effective. When they put parsley essence in the cookie. They ate the cookie but immediately died. Based on this experience we will make the following mixture: 3 cloves and a handful of dried parsley, or grind well until it turns into powder. We apply this powder in the cracks and places where ants pass through. The results are very positive.

3 cloves
1 handful of dried parsley

We grind the cloves and parsley well until they become powder.

We apply this powder in the cracks and places where ants pass through. The results are very positive.

24 Lastly, clean up all food debris when you're done eating, as crumbs are the biggest attraction for ants.

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