If you have this little herb in your garden, it's worth gold!

If you have this little herb in your garden, take care of it, it's worth gold! It is found in any terrain and is pure medicine, a plant of great power.

For a long time I have wanted to share valuable information about this wonderful and incredible silver, used by the great masters of the indigenous communities, of great power, edible and medicinal and that we can find it in our garden or around the corner, in any vacant lot or roadsides!

This is the Suico, also known as Chinchilla, Chil chil, Floramar, Wild Mansanilla, Margarita, Quenchiué, Suique, Suiquillo.

His scientific name is Tagetes minutes and is a relative of the Ornamental Tuft.

It is a very aromatic and medicinal herb widely used to cure different ailments, also used in traditional Peruvian cuisine and with properties for the treatment of agricultural pests.


With information of: youtube.com/@IamNOW