Plants against mosquitoes and other pests

Plants offer us countless benefits. They purify the air, aromatize the environment, absorb bad odors, balance ionization levels, capture CO2, help in humidifying the environment, provide us with food, medicine, to name a few and also have the power to repel pests, insects and microorganisms. harmful to the garden and our health.

Dr. Sampietro, a specialist in phytochemistry, explains to us that Allelo-chemistry is the phenomenon by which plants produce certain substances derived from their metabolism that serve to repel or attract other species, whether plant or animal, in other words it is the relationship of attraction or repulsion that the plants themselves produce within their defense mechanism.

Under this principle of allelo-chemistry, some biologists have proven that these properties of plants serve as insecticides or natural repellents, and can be used in extractions or by rubbing its leaves to activate them. For example, certain species such as jasmine, when you rub its leaves, give off a particular fragrance that scares away mosquitoes. In this article I will tell you which plants can serve as natural repellents that, combined with other preventive measures, keep bugs away without putting your family's health at risk by using harmful pesticides.

Write down plants to scare away:

Toads and snakes: it is recommended to plant sage and/or wormwood,

To keep away the rodents: Plant Rue near rose bushes or raspberries.

To drive away the flies: Sprigs of mint or dried basil, mint, rosemary, thyme or Rue next to doors and windows. Also placing cloth bags filled with clove leaves and eucalyptus oil.

To repel the Mosquitoes: Basil, jasmine, geraniums (such as cirrose and citronella essence candles) When you rub its leaves, they give off a fragrance that keeps mosquitoes away. It has also been proven that Marigold or Castor Fig produce this repellent effect.

to repel insects in the home, place bags of basil on the floor of the doors or in the pots. Sage repels all types of insects from the house.

Contra garden aphids: Ciboullete, mint and Pyrethrum, used in numerous insecticides, is a species that once planted naturally keeps away aphids and pieris or white butterflies.

Fleas: Rosemary has a very strong aroma that scares away fleas and rue is prepared in a 200 gram macerate. with a few sage leaves in 1 liter of water, sprayed every 48 hours.

Temperature control garden pests: Lavender, Nasturtium Flowers, Dill, Fennel, Marjoram, attract beneficial insects that eat the larvae of harmful insects. Planting a few cloves of garlic in the pots is very effective in repelling insects.

Away ants: lavender, prepared in one liter of water for every 300 grams. of lavender leaf, sprayed on the plants, you prepare a tea and let it cool before spraying. Mint and pennyroyal also have an anti-ant effect.

Researchers recommend rubbing the leaves to release the aromas, so the effect will be more effective.

There are no excuses to take care of our health and have an ecological and healthy home, free of pesticides and synthetic chemicals. Remember that having an ecological house is not only reduced to the construction materials but also to a series of habits, measures, products and systems that promote natural balance and protect our health.