Ecotips for boys and girls who want to take care of the Earth

Independent adults have more freedom to take personal environmental actions to care for the Earth as they see fit, but teenagers and children have limits on their autonomy and finances.

We know that today's children are the future and will have to face the consequences of our actions, which is why it is important that they grow up with the awareness that they are part of nature and that they have an undeniable responsibility to the Earth.

From the moment they set foot in this world and as they grow up, they must integrate this responsibility into their daily lives.

There are many things we can do from a young age, in addition to those we have always been taught, such as turning off the tap when brushing our teeth or turning off the lights when leaving the room (this is of course also very important). But there is more...

Children (like everyone) like to feel useful, set goals and achieve them, teaching them this is also a way for them to increase their confidence, have aspirations and desire to improve and excel without settling.
Likewise, let us always remember that the most effective example is the one we give them.

Whether we have children or not, adults have the responsibility to set a good example for the next generation. At first glance, these are simple but very important gestures that allow them to develop the "seed" they already have inside.

Always order drinks without using a straw

It may seem like kids like to drink through a straw, but they don't have to. These are some useless and unnecessary items that cause a lot of damage to the environment.

One billion of them are used every day. straws worldwide, enough to fill 254 school buses, and constitute the fourth largest amount of litter on beaches.

Their useful life is only 20 minutes, but in addition to not being recyclable, they also cause serious damage to marine life.
Have you seen the movie pulling a straw out of a turtle's nose? It's really shocking.

Likewise, if you really like them, there are reusable straws made of steel, bamboo, silicone...

Sow seeds in pots to take care of the Earth

Living in the city makes separation from nature from a young age almost inevitable, which is why it's so important for children to be exposed to the land as often as possible.

Taking care of the seeds and seeing them germinate, grow and bloom not only makes you feel at peace and happy, but also helps you come into contact with nature and realize that we are part of it.

Always carry a reusable bottle and a canvas bag in your backpack.

Developing sustainable habits from a young age, such as being responsible for carrying a refillable bottle and a cloth bag in the backpack, will help children grow with these habits in a completely natural way.

If we as parents carry everything with us, not only will it be more difficult for them to adapt in the future, but it will also not be difficult for them to understand why it has to be done.

Ask to celebrate your birthday without using disposable items

This is one of the most difficult changes, first of all because during birthdays people use many disposable items and generate a lot of waste. And second, because although we cannot celebrate a birthday without 100% disposables, we can always reduce something.

Use reusable plates, cups and cutlery, homemade pika-pika, sandwiches that you can hold in your hands without using separate cutlery or plates, homemade plant-based juices and milks, and more.

We can also use materials available at home for decoration and accompany them in the preparation process. At the end of the day the most important thing is to have fun.

Don't forget to order ice cream in a cone and not in a spoon

It is a very simple gesture that saves tons of waste. Ice cream cups made of paper with a thin layer of plastic film are not recyclable, as are spoons.

Therefore, the ideal is to develop the habit of ordering ice cream in a cone and without a spoon. Ice cream can be consumed easily and calmly with our mouth.

More experiences and fewer toys to take care of the Earth

Nowadays children have many toys but they don't even play with 20% of them. Making toys requires a lot of energy and raw materials, and having more materials than you use is a waste of resources.

On the contrary, experiences, emotions and experiences are never forgotten and are very enriching. It is interesting to alternate the dates on which gifts are usually given, such as Christmas, Three Kings Day, Children's Day, etc. experiences with toys. In this way they will incorporate that experiences are also gifts that celebrate life and that they do not need many toys.

Surely you will think of many more sustainable tips to instill in your children or children around you. Surely they will also surprise you with actions to take care of the Earth.

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