November 1: World Ecology Day

Every year on November 1, World Ecology Day is celebrated, a very important event that aims to raise awareness and sensitize people about the need to protect the environment and encourage the practice of ecological actions that contribute to the biodiversity of the world. planet.

As we celebrate this World Day, we celebrate ecology as a science and honor the work of environmental protection experts.

Let's review: What is ecology?

Ecology is a branch of biology that studies the relationships between living organisms and their environment. It depends on the factors that make up the environment and the various factors that intervene in its study.

Ecology is sometimes considered a part of sociology that studies the relationship of human groups with their environment, both physical and social, as well as the protection and conservation of nature, while environmentalism is described as an emerging movement in organized society.

Ecology is not only concerned with the study of green spaces, it also carries out activities that contribute to the sustainable development of the environment and the planet, aiming to improve the quality of life of people and the environment.

The term "ecology" means "science of the house" and comes from the Greek words "oikos" (House and "Logos" (study).

Through Ecology, the importance of developing activities in harmony with the environment that contribute to protecting the environment is promoted. biodiversity of the planet:

  • Optimize production, consumption and energy forms of products and services in accordance with environmental criteria.
  • Management of waste generated.
  • Saving water, among other things, will improve the quality of life now and in the future.

The joint work of civil society, the public sector, international organizations and the private sector is key to together achieving a paradigm shift towards a circular economy. This will promote harmony between human development and the environment in a balanced and sustainable way.

Environmental protection tips.

Below we list some environmental recommendations and practices that help protect the environment and the planet:

  • Promote organic farming practices to reduce pollution, save water and use less energy.
  • Promote the cultivation of organic fruits and vegetables without preservatives or chemical additives. By avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers you can avoid contamination of water, air and soil.
  • Promote the construction of organic gardens.
  • Encourage the use of organic foods, which contain more nutrients than conventional foods. Buy organic, petroleum-free beauty products that benefit your health. They also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by preventing environmental pollution.
  • Support sustainable fashion: shoes, clothing, accessories and accessories.
  • Use vehicles responsibly and efficiently. The use of environmentally friendly means of transport, such as bicycles or the use of several people in the same vehicle, should be supported. This will help reduce the impact of CO2 emissions and other pollutants on the environment.
  • Encourage companies that produce products and raw materials to take measures to prevent emissions and waste with environmental impact related to logistics in their supply chains.

How is this World Ecology Day celebrated?

As part of the celebrations of World Ecology Day, talks, debates and a series of educational conferences on environmental issues are held with the participation of experts and organizations relevant to environmental protection.

Ecological festivals and days on solid waste recycling, environmental improvement and planting of native trees are held.

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