See what you can do with lemon seeds

Store lemon seeds in the freezer for the best breakfast or snack recipe. You won't believe what you can achieve with these little things from citrus fruits.

Food experts continue to surprise us every day, revealing the best cooking tricks, methods and tips to help you be more creative in the kitchen and surprise with wonderful dishes. This time, we will delve into why you should store lemon seeds in the freezer and, when the time comes, take them out of the freezer to enjoy the best fall breakfast or snack recipe.

You would probably throw the lemon seeds in the trash, but once you try this simple and inexpensive recipe, you will want to use it daily. You won't believe what you can achieve with these little lemon seeds, especially when you make your own homemade fruit jam. Pay attention to the advice of experts in this field to find a preparation technique that doesn't fail.

Used materials:

  • Lemon seeds.
  • The bag closes with a zipper.
  • Tea infuser or strainer.

How to use lemon seeds to make homemade jam

lemon seeds

If you plan to add lemons to food or use their juice, do not throw away the seeds, place them in a zip-lock bag and store them directly in the freezer.

The day you are going to make homemade jam, take the lemon seeds out of the freezer and put them in a tea strainer. When making jam, place this small object with lemon seeds in the pot. The reason for this? You will have enough natural pectin to give the jam a perfect gelatinous consistency.

Pectin is a discreet but essential ingredient in the production of jams and jams. They are mainly found in the cell walls of many plants. When we say “many plants,” we mean almost all; but fruits such as citrus fruits, rose hips, quince, apples and berries are especially rich in pectin. And by “cell walls” we mainly refer to the skin and seeds, which accumulate high densities of this natural fiber.

The pectin present in lemon seeds, being acidic, also improves the preservation of jams.

The proportion of pectin in a jam has an inverse relationship with the amount of sugar added. This means that the more pectin present in a fruit that we are going to use for a homemade jam, the less sugar we will need to add.

The idea then when incorporating lemon seeds is to use the fiber found in the fruit, combined with sugar and acids to form a gel and give the desired appearance to your sweet recipes.

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