How to prepare sweet bread without TACC

Preparing sweet bread without TACC at home these Holidays can be a good option, so we can ensure its quality and save a little on expenses, especially on these special sweets that are usually very expensive.

Food is one of the keys to the holidays: Family gatherings on Christmas and New Year's Eve usually have many dishes, with a great variety depending on each person's preferences.

However, sweet bread is a classic dish that has not changed over the years. Due to the high price of these breads, many people prefer to prepare them at home: they can be prepared even without TACC as an alternative for people with celiac disease.

The strong point of sweet bread without TACC is that the inside must be spongy and airy, without losing its characteristic flavor; and toppings such as chocolate chips, polished fruits, nuts and raisins.

The gluten-free option comes in two versions to suit everyone's budget: one can be prepared without butter or milk, replacing it with oil and water, and the other has a more traditional format.

Ingredients to make homemade sweet bread without TACC

270 grams of TACC-free premix (which includes corn starch, cassava starch and rice flour)
Five tablespoons of powdered milk.
Two tablespoons of xanthan gum.
A tablespoon of baking powder suitable for celiacs.
25 grams of fresh yeast.
150 cm3 of milk.
1 teaspoon of orange blossom water essence.
2 eggs.
50 grams of cold butter.
A teaspoon of lemon peel zest.
50 grams of sugar.
A teaspoon of vanilla essence.
A tablespoon of honey.
150 grams of nuts, chopped fruit or chocolate.

Preparation of sweet bread without TACC

The first thing to take into account when preparing this sweet bread without TACC is the cleaning of the kitchen utensils that should not come into contact with gluten particles, which in kitchen terminology without TACC - acronym for "Wheat, Oats , Barley and Rye" - the aim is to avoid the so-called "cross contamination"

The first step is to mix the yeast with warm milk and a tablespoon of sugar. Another option is to substitute a packet of similar powder for the dry yeast. Then you must mix eggs, sugar and honey in a container with the essence and grated lemon peel.
The already fermented and foamy yeast is then added to the mixture.

In a second bowl add the premix along with the xanthan gum and baking powder. Then the cold butter is also added to shell it with a spoon, fork or any kitchen utensil (with the precaution that it does not have gluten residue).

It is better not to work with your hands so as not to melt the butter in the mixture.

Then add nuts to the first preparation and place them on a separate plate. Basically, a tablespoon of the premix should be added so that it remains in the base of the sweet bread without TACC during baking. Finally, add the fruit to the dough.

Once the dough is ready, we will only have to fill the pastry mold up to 3/4 of its capacity.
It is best to use a small pan for even cooking and the best possible results.
After placing the dough in the container, let it rest for 30 minutes, meanwhile turn on the oven and preheat to almost 180°.

After the indicated half hour, cook the sweet bread over medium heat. The baking time will always depend on the molds used previously: if there is 1/4 of a mold (corresponding to 250 grams) it will take about 20 minutes.

Check with a knife if the sweet bread is already cooked, piercing it. If it comes out "clean" it will be ready!

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