Is "oatzempic" effective? The trendy drink to lose weight

"Oatzempic" is the trendy drink on social media, especially on TikTok, for those looking to lose weight.

We explain what is behind the “slimming drink” and if it can really help you lose weight.

The term "oatzempic" is a combination of the words "avena" oat" (oats in English) and "Ozempic", a drug (semaglutide) that is administered by subcutaneous injection, approved in Spain only for the treatment of type 2 diabetes

The madness of OZEMPIC

Users claim that consuming this oat drink exclusively and doing intermittent fasting for two months can lead to a weight loss of 12 kilos. However, doctors and weight loss experts do not recommend it.

Although it is not free of side effects and can only be used with a prescription, many social media influencers recommend it for weight loss, even if you are not diabetic or obese.

This trend towards mass use of the drug makes it increasingly difficult for manufacturers to meet demand. You can even find counterfeit versions of the drug on the Internet.

OATZEMPIC: a natural alternative?

Using Ozempic, the creators of “oatzempic” claim that this three-ingredient blend can replace at least one meal a day (preferably breakfast) and achieve drug-like results.

The most advanced version of oatzempic includes:

40 grams of oats
250 milliliters of water
Juice of half a lime


Low in calories and low in nutrients

Of course, there are no scientific studies confirming that “oatzempic” works, and the way it works has nothing to do with the medication it is trying to replace. It is not difficult to guess what nutritional properties this drink has.

La oats It is an excellent food because it provides energy and is full of B vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are accompanied by fiber, which is beneficial for intestinal transit and microbiome health. It also promotes feelings of satiety, which can lead to consuming fewer calories throughout the day.

Lime contains some vitamin C and antioxidant compounds.

On the other hand, drinking enough water is good for your health; It also fills the stomach, which can create a feeling of satiety.

Therefore, it may make sense to drink a large glass of water before each meal in order to eat mindfully.

Only 150 calories

40 g of oats provides around 150 calories. These calories are very few for one meal, so if you substitute more calories and eat the same amount at lunch and dinner, you will probably consume fewer calories later in the day, which can help reduce weight.

But the merit is not in this special breakfast but in the reduction of calories. Keep in mind that nutritionists estimate daily energy needs to be approximately 2000-2500 calories, with differences based on sex, height, age, and physical condition.

It is also advisable to divide these calories into three meals a day, which should preferably be nutritious, that is, contain the appropriate proportions of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, trace elements and fiber.

According to these recommendations, the "oatzempic" breakfast is low in calories, fat, protein and few trace elements. If you don't eat enough breakfast, you will feel tired and at lunch or dinner you will be very hungry. Ultimately, you can even increase your calorie intake.

Additionally, your metabolism will slow down in the long term if you are in a severe calorie deficit every day. As a result, you will find it difficult to maintain weight loss in the long term. An excessive calorie deficit also contributes to the long-term yo-yo effect (you gain back the lost weight and gain a little more).

“OATZEMPIC” is not a substitute for a complete meal

This drink should not be used in place of one or even several meals a day because it simply does not provide enough energy and nutrients.

The ingredients in oats are definitely healthy. However, this drink is more suitable as a snack or part of a meal that has more ingredients than are considered complete.

If you want to lose weight or solve another health problem, you should not look for simple, quick solutions without medical support. Losing weight requires a sensible diet backed by science and exercise. There is no magic solution on social media.

Obviously, it can be and is easy to get carried away by what is trending on the Internet. But the drinking challenge oatzempic It is another example of the importance of taking into account where and from whom information is obtained.

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