15 plants for your garden that will not abandon you

In that video, I have put together a selection of more than 15 plants for your garden that, although many times they are not perennials, will grow back year after year, giving us their varied colors, aromas, flavors and textures. They are free plants that you can get with little effort and that will give you beautiful results.

The idea of ​​sharing these species with you is that you can have a low-maintenance garden, with plants resistant to diseases, droughts or a lot of rain. Much stronger than those you can buy in nurseries!

Season after season you will have an increasingly biodiverse garden. These wild, annual plants offer a large number of seeds that will colonize your garden. They sow themselves, you don't need your hand; They do not need as much water so it is not necessary to water them and they adapt to the climate, they germinate in spring at the right time to ensure their survival.

An example is chamomile, this species is colonizing the space and making a beautiful flowering bush. If you want it somewhere else, you will only have to transplant them when they are small or try to spread their seeds in the spring.

It likes the sun much more and goes very well in the garden combined with tomatoes or peppers, functioning as a green cover to protect the roots from the heat. And it does not compete for nutrients, it is very rustic.

Mint and peppermint, in addition to pennyroyal, also work very well as a ground cover in shady spaces. They withstand light traffic and offer a wonderful olfactory experience when walking on them. In this case, mint will spread by runners, not by seed. Its growth will advance over the earth. Taking advantage of this type of creeping growth, we can take some sections with roots and transplant them to other places in the garden.

Mint should not be combined in the garden because it grows quite quickly and aggressively and could drown other plants. Yes, we can allocate a space for it, limiting its runners so that they do not advance.

Both species chamomiles and mints, are used for edible recipes, infusions and medicine.

Other plants for your garden

Continue watching the video and you can see other easy-to-grow plants for your garden, such as queen's taco, cosmos, dahlia, gladiolus, mizuna, New Zealand spinach, amaranth, tomatillo, ginger and turmeric, sweet potato, zinnia and coreopsis.

02:21 chamomile 04:25 mint and spearmint 06:52 capuchina 08:19 Cosmos 09:15 dahlias 10:47 gladioli 13:00 mizuna 14:56 New Zealand spinach 17:10 amaranth 18:52 tomatillo 20:15 ginger and turmeric 21:45 sweet potato 23:20 zinnias and coreopsis

These species are worth clarifying, they work well in temperate climates and their cycle occurs during spring. This video is produced in the South of Brazil.


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