Liquid Nopal Fertilizer

Hello dear community, today and with great pride I share with you again the Liquid Nopal Fertilizer (I discovered by chance making paint with Nopal slime).

Approximately 4 years ago I uploaded a video about its use as a liquid fertilizer that brought me very nice moments, not only because of the wonderful nature of the fertilizer and the fun of sharing, but because many people were excited to try it and see that it works, even some colleagues from YouTube they made their own videos and in some cases mentioning that video, in case you haven't seen it, I leave the link here 👉 • 🍅 NOPAL LIQUID FERTILIZER | Ideal for...  

But beyond that, thanks to that video, I got a true sense of what the Nopal means in Mexico, it is an ancestral connection that the Nopal has with its people, you feel that passion, that pride, but more than anything you feel gratitude from the people for this plant and if we add corn, avocado and so many wonderful plants native to this sister country, I would also feel that way.

I think the word "PRODIGIOUS" fits this plant perfectly. It's a word my friend Ray from @ELTERREGALDERAY who I consider carries all that passion for nature and its gifts so I love using it, I took it and added it to my vocabulary.

With this liquid Nopal fertilizer, being homemade and natural, you will have to adjust the doses and dilutions... even for each plant, it is not the same a tomato that loves this fertilizer as a slow-growing indoor plant in the shade, so I leave it in your hands.

Liquid Nopal Fertilizer Recipes

1 to 2 parts of Nopal for every 10 parts of water.

Nopal liquid fertilizer (foliar application): 1 to 2 parts of Nopal for every 10 parts of water, then strain and dilute again 1 or 2 parts of the fertilizer obtained in 5 parts of water.

Fertilizer for orchard and garden (warm season) 1 part Nopal in 2 parts water and let it sit for at least 1 day.

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